February 11, 2012
3-6 pm
@ an apartment in upper Manhattan 

The intention of our time is to have a progression and movement-creating dynamic in the lull and numbing time of winter. Not forgetting winter, but entering into and out of it, in meditation and play. We will collectively create a warming hut of smells and warmth and song, and use this space to propel us deeper into the chill of outside, and the warmth of inside. Afterwards, we will quilt together and reflect on our active-mediation time. Bring a snack to share.

RSVP for address to Jill Minkoff
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One Response to Mid-Winter Women’s Spirituality Circle

  1. Dottie Madigan says:

    Studying at One Spirit Seminary, interested in learning about your circle, thank you, follower of Sufi Nashqbandi path

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