On a truly beautiful late spring afternoon, several women gathered for a garden party version of the Women’s Spirituality Circle. We met at Jen’s Upper East Side garden apartment on Saturday, May 19. The weather was sunny and warm but not too warm in a way that only May can produce.

The focus was Mother Earth, Women’s’ Body, and the Embodied Divine. Participants were invited to bring an object that represented the feminine divine. White was the chosen color for clothing. As we sat in a circle, we described what we had brought. We then placed all of our objects on or near a dress form/goddess. She was outfitted with a bustier, shawl, flowers in a vase, and various decorations.

During a time of silence we tied beautifully handwritten poems all around the garden, wandered, prayed, meditated. To conclude we rejoined the circle and shared our experience. At the end of the afternoon we came away feeling spiritually refreshed, ready to leave the garden in the middle of the city and rejoin the world.

By Jennifer Goodnow

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