“Experience Your Neighbor’s Faith, Deepen Your Own”


We are an experiential inter-religious community that comes together to deepen our personal and communal journeys, share ritual life and devotional space, and foster a commitment to social justice and healing the world.

To guide our relationships and the life of our community, these principles of inter-dependence describe not what we hold as sacred or central but how we hold it:

COMMON JOURNEY, DIFFERENT PATHS:  We are sojourners who gratefully acknowledge that every faith has its own mystery.

RE-INTERPRETATION: We continually seek deeper levels of understanding by interpreting and re-interpreting our texts, traditions, and practices.

GRACIOUS COMMUNICATION:  We do not insist that others have to change their language or categories in order for us to hear them, while we strive to translate our concepts to those outside our traditions.

GIVING THROUGH RECEIVING: We strive to learn more than to teach as we are called to receive, discern, and treasure what others have to give.

FREEDOM FROM FORCE AND FREEDOM TO CHANGE: We do not believe in proselytizing; we do believe in personal choice and transformation.

POST-CYNICISM:  We believe a new kind of community is possible.