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Wednesday, April 27
Replacing our Living Room

Cathedral of  St. John the Divine

1047 Amsterdam Avenue  @ 112th Street

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Thank you, Zac, for sending this!

In our suburban, mostly white, mostly Christian city in southwestern Indiana, our private high school has longed for opportunities to interact with the rest of the world. We welcome the chance to study different cultures, political systems, and religions in meaningful ways. While we have a handful of Muslim, […]

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By Ben Schnell

I heard about Faith House from the book Its Really All About God by Samir Selmanovic. I had to check it out. There was only two problems. The first was that its a bit of a commute from Portland Maine, where I live, to New York City, just for one […]

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Sidewalk Salat

On December 6, 2010 By

The opening of a chapter I wrote about the first year of Faith House for the recently released book Discovering the Spirit in the City, Edited by Andrew Walker and Aaron Kennedy (Continuum 2010)

Experience Your Neighbor’s Faith: Faith House Manhattan

By Bowie Snodgrass



My husband, George, and I were rushing […]

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~ by Samir Selmanovic

We live in the most religiously diverse country in history. We are part of the most inter-connected world population in history. We are part of the great struggle for interdependence.

Last week I attended a conference auspiciously entitled “Educating Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Leaders for Service in a Multi-Religious World: The […]

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Here is an article I have recently written for the 4th anniversary of The Porpoise Diving Life titled: “Does Biblical Worldview Emerge?” I hope you enjoy it (note: it is not only about Christianity). Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment. ~ Samir Selmanovic

Millennia ago when Shamanism was […]

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Read the Spirit is an online home for readers who believe that diverse spiritual connections between people of faith build stronger communities. Their online magazine includes inspirational stories, fresh voices, reviews of books and films—and much more. Click HERE to find out why we in Faith House think David Crumm and Read […]

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But perhaps the biggest strength of this book is that the collection of stories is held together by the author’s most compelling argument: that our religious diversity is not a problem to be overcome. Instead, diversity is the solution (read: blessing) we are offered. As he clearly states at the outset of his book, It’s Really All About God is not a discussion about religious pluralism, it is a discussion about interdependence.

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