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Newsletter June 16, 2016

Human, But Different

One day we celebrate the beauty of it all, the next we mourn. The struggle of learning to live together in our evermore diverse and connected world goes in predictable cycles. Yet, something unprecedented is happening right now.

Democrats and Republicans, Muslims and Christians, the 99% and […]

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I was interested in Sufism long before I started to explore Islam, having been exposed already to the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz. In college, I took an “Islamic Philosophy” class where the professor turned out to be a Sufi – I was really very taken with him. Most of the time, I couldn’t really […]

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by Chris Fici

A New York City Hindu monk’s blessing from his Roman Catholic grandfather and reflections on Detroit.

Detroit, where I was born, formed, and raised, straddles a bittersweet line between two worlds.  It is a place where the American Dream has already died four or five different times.  It […]

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Can the Word “Christianity” Be Saved from the Christians?
Living Room with Frank Schaeffer, Oct 12, 2011


7:00-05 pm – Bowie introduced Frank and the evening’s program

7:05-10 pm – Frank read the Prologue from his newest book, SEX, MOM and GOD: How the Bible’s Strange Take on Sex Led to Crazy Politics–and […]

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In the course of the recent past, I have found myself inspired and filled with hope. Instead of the usual sources of inspiration, I have caught a clearer glimpse of Hope as I learned about the history and dance for the black Madonna, experienced the renewed feeling of joy that is only found in […]

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Thank you, Zac, for sending this!

In our suburban, mostly white, mostly Christian city in southwestern Indiana, our private high school has longed for opportunities to interact with the rest of the world. We welcome the chance to study different cultures, political systems, and religions in meaningful ways. While we have a handful of Muslim, […]

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By Ben Schnell

I heard about Faith House from the book Its Really All About God by Samir Selmanovic. I had to check it out. There was only two problems. The first was that its a bit of a commute from Portland Maine, where I live, to New York City, just for one […]

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Sidewalk Salat

On December 6, 2010 By

The opening of a chapter I wrote about the first year of Faith House for the recently released book Discovering the Spirit in the City, Edited by Andrew Walker and Aaron Kennedy (Continuum 2010)

Experience Your Neighbor’s Faith: Faith House Manhattan

By Bowie Snodgrass



My husband, George, and I were rushing […]

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