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In the hustle of modern life it’s often difficult to stop, take a breath, and listen to those around you. We can learn so much simply by attending to the stories of the people around us.

The monthly Life Itself podcast invites you to participate in sensible dialogue around interfaith experience from a variety of sources […]

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Hello friends,

October is a wondrously busy time for many of us, with the first few months of the academic year, the beginning of chilly autumn, and for many faith traditions it’s a time of high holy days. Last month, two of the most important holidays in the Islamic and Jewish faiths coincided: Eid al-Adha and Yom Kippur, respectively. We […]

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You Make Us Sing!

On December 22, 2014 By

Hello Friends,​

May your holiday season be full of friends, family, and laughter!

In lieu of snow, we’re experience a bitterly cold rain and dark skies here in New York City​. If you try singing “Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain” to the tune of “Let it Snow,” you’ll get more side […]

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Functionally Fearful

Functionally fearful,
That’s what I aim to be.
Just enough caution to use good sense
When crossing the street or diving into a dark lake.
Fearful enough to know my limitations,
Functional enough to rise above them.
Knowing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
And […]

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One Night

The soft but solid female voice
Rang through the darkened space
Aware of people coming in and joining
Greetings from old friends and new
People clapping and dancing
Talking and listening
Smiling, standing, sitting.
The silver thread of music
Wove through the whole of the […]

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Child’s View

I see you squirming in your dad’s arms,
But I hear you even before I see you – screaming, crying!
I can tell without knowing you this is not a cry of hurt or abuse,
Just a cry of wanting, maybe without knowing what you want.
Nothing else to […]

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Many thanks to Amy Vaughan for sharing her work and her light with us!


Sabbath Prayer



Power and passion in the voices of the choir

As I slipped into the pew.

Against my will

Water leaked from my eyes

And I tried to wipe away the evidence

Hoping no one was looking.


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Faith House Manhattan is seeking couples to participate in a panel discussion of interfaith relationships. If you know a pair who gracefully navigates their Hindu-Muslim, Christian-Jewish, Buddhist-Humanist, Episcolapian-Evangelical, or any other kind of coupling, please CONTACT US.

If you know no such couple, you can still help us spread the word! Feel free to […]

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