The Kitchen Table is a group of volunteers who meet one evening each month around Samir’s (literal) kitchen table to enjoy friends & food, give staff feedback on the latest Faith House events, and brainstorm ways of growing as a community. If you would like to come to the next meeting to try it out, please email Frank Fredericks with an email titled “Interested in the Kitchen Table.” Looking forward to seeing you there!

NOTE: In our excited flurry of getting ready for the fall, we scheduled the Kitchen Table gatherings on Thursdays… and later realized this is the same night that the Dergha meets.  A few of our main Kitchen Table folks attend Dhikr that evening, so we are moving back to Wednesdays.  Please change your calendar for fall Kitchen Tables to LAST Wednesdays.

Fall 2011 Kitchen Tables

  • September 28
  • October 26
  • November 30

The Kitchen Table Team:

Ula Barrack
Rafael Candelaria
Miguel Colmenares
Valerie Freseman
Moez Kaderali
Ali Mansour
John Khabir McGeehan
Sean McGinn
Andy Padre
Stephen Phelps
Tokutada Saito
Rabbi Burt Seigel
Jeremy Stenger
Amir Chris Turner