Faith House Immersions

Experience Religious Diversity in New York

Faith House ImmersionImagine walking the streets of New York City! But instead of trotting beaten tourists’ paths, you are entering the city’s pulsing religious life sideways. You are immersed in authentic, colorful, and welcoming spiritual communities with some of the city’s most profound guides and teachers.

We at Faith House have worked for years to discover the treasures that this most-religiously-diverse city in the world contains and have developed relationships to be able to take you through 72 hours of prayer, insight, surprises, music, dance, food, and friends that can only come to those willing to experience their neighbors’ faith. Or, you can just be present, and hold back, ask difficult questions, or offer the wisdom and experience that you bring. Either way, that song, that scent, that conversation will renew your life like a breeze of fresh air or like a strong wind, and you will find your own faith moved.

Strengthen your Students, Leaders, Company, or Community

The Faith House Immersions provide authentic and experiential two- or three-day interfaith experiences, each journey custom-designed to meet your needs.  Visit various religious communities across New York City during worship services, where you can both observe and experience worship in its many forms. You can bring your group for personal growth, education, or training. No amount of classroom learning can compare to an authentic immersion experience and no place on earth is as diverse as New York City. Yet, many people would consider organizing a pilgrimage in a city as diverse and as intense as New York City daunting, frustrating, and even intimidating. That’s where we come in. We offer immersion experiences to meet your unique needs at the time when it works for you.

We are a respected organization with a vast local network of personal relationships, experienced curators and guides, and the capacity to facilitate meaningful and authentic experiences. To us, reputation and rigor are paramount.

We can align your experience with the goals of your religious community, educational institution, company, or other organization.

  • Short in duration, fitting intensive experience into 48-72 hours
  • Affordable, convenient, and well organized
  • Amazing food from across New York, all-inclusive
  • Truly authentic experiences, which are stimulating and thought-provoking
  • Life-changing, both for participants and their institutions
  • Lasting impact, including a wider network, access to resources, and other membership benefits for the alumni community

Get Started

  1. Just contact us to get the conversation started!
  2. We will arrange an exploratory conference call with you to learn more.
  3. We will then offer you a draft itinerary of your trip.
  4. You will approve this trip with a down-payment and we will put a system of wheels in motion to create a journey for you.
  5. You show up in New York City!

Interested in joining our upcoming immersion?  Learn more here!

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