Sample Immersion Journeys


  • Abrahamic Faiths Plunge
  • Eastern Religions for Christians
  • Five Colors of Judaism
  • Business and Religion Dialogues
  • Social Justice Across Faiths
  • World Religions in New York City
  • Music, Rituals, and Liturgies
  • Expand Your World: Diversity in Islam
  • Religion and Politics
  • Faith of Atheists and Humanists
  • Protestants, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox
  • Beyond Beliefs:  Food, Art, and Dance
  • LGBT Across Faiths
  • Sacred Spaces and Architecture
  • Learning from Green Faith Communities
  • Communities that Meditate:  Teachings and Practice
  • Workplace Religious Diversity: Tour the Companies that Get It
  • Israelis, Palestinians, and Israelis and Palestinians in Conversation
  • All Is One: Sufism, Jewish Renewal, and Christian Mysticism
  • The Splendor and Challenges of American Religious Diversity
  • Meet Mormons, Adventist, and Quakers
  • Earthly Faiths:  Shamanism, Wicca, and Pagans
  • Communities, Seminaries, Organizations:  All Things Interfaith
  • God Comes Sideways:  Meet the Indispensable Other
  • Evangelical Faith at Its Best


Example Schedule

Wednesday – Start at 3 PM

Dynamic opening with your guide, Samir Selmanovic: grounding, challenge, survival tips, meeting other sojourners, and first dive!

Thursday – Wall Street and Downtown

A day full of heart shifting and mind-bending experiences: “Ways We Worship: Jewish Practice” encounter at the Eldridge Street Synagogue, religious locations near the World Trade Center, and a late-night Ramadan Zikr at Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order!

Friday – Upper West Side and Harlem

Breakfast at Samir’s, Jooma Prayers in Harlem, visit an Upper West Side synagogue and conversation with a leading Rabbi, experience the largest cathedral in the USA, St. John Divine, then a paradigm shifting experience of Shabbat with Romemu, a Jewish Renewal Community! (End at 10pm)

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