Why New York City?

NYC is the pilgrimage destination of postmodern religious diversity. For millions of people in the world, New York City has a “visit at least once in a lifetime” status, as nearly 50 million make the journey to New York  each year (GoNYC).  Yet, few are able to find an authentic opportunity to engage with its religious life. New York City, through its religious openness and vast immigrant communities, is home to an exceptionally diverse spread of religious communities.

Did you know?

  1. From Kosovar Albanians to new Latino converts, New York City has the most diverse Muslim community outside of Mecca during Hajj (Columbia University).

  2. New York City has the highest Jewish population outside of Israel, the largest Chinese community outside of Asia, and has the second highest population of Guyanese Hindus in the world, after Guyana’s capital, Georgetown.

  3. While New York Public Schools found that their students speak 176 different languages, it is estimated that there are up to 800 in total spoken by its residence.

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